The Breakthrough System To Cleanse your Body, Heal Your Hormones, 
& Ignite Your Entire Life In The Process, Naturally, Holistically & Effectively!
If you're a warrior go-getter who's fed up of not operating at your full capacity and...
You’ve been told countless times that “your labs look fine, there’s nothing wrong with you.” but you know something’s not right...

You feel drained of energy all the time (even when you do get “enough” sleep) 

You've been prescribed Hormones - pellets, patches, pills, thyroid prescriptions, after only having done blood testing (this is dangerous)

You have painful periods, PMS, Migraines, Brain Fog or any other symptom that knocks you out for weeks leaving you “functional” for just a few days a month.

You've had Breast Implants and are experiencing any form of Breast Implant Illness, Botox Illness or Botched Beauty treatments.

You feel like there's GOT to be something more...
You've found your way to the right place. 
It's time you were introduced to CHI
The breakthrough methodology that fuses Advanced Functional Diagnostic Lab Testing,  Nutrition & Detox Processes with Ancient Healing Wisdom, Spiritual Guidance & Transformational Coaching to activate your body’s self-healing mechanisms allowing it to return to epic health, fast
Our clients have been able to resolve or eliminate
  • Breast Implant Illness
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Skin Issues (dryness, rashes)
  • ​Acne
  • ​Hair Loss or Thinning Hair
  • ​Sinus infections
  • ​Pathogens - Candida, Parasites, Bacterial Overgrowth, SIBO/SIFO
  • ​Viral Overgrowth
  • ​Toxicity - Mold, Metals, Implants
  • ​Yeast Infections
  • ​Chemical sensitivity
  • ​Lymph Congestion
  • ​Difficulty Concentrating
  • ​Brain Fog
  • Food Intolerances
  • Incessant Food Cravings
  • Nutrient Deficiencies
  • ​Belly Bloat
  • ​IBS
  • Constipation / Diarrhea
  • Recurrent Illness / Poor immune function - sick often​
  • ​Leaky Gut
  • ​Inflammation
  • ​Chronic Pain
  • Autoimmune Symptoms
  • ​Fibromyalgia Symptoms
  • ​Symptoms of Thyroid Disease
  • ​Symptoms of Adrenal Dysfunction
  • Headaches
  • Migraines
  • Depression
  • ​Anxiety
  • Irritability
  • Mood swings
  • Insomnia / Sleep Issues
  • ​UTI's & Interstitial Cystitis
  • ​Endometriosis & Fibroids
  • ​Fibrocystic Breasts
  • ​PMS & PMDD
  • Painful and/or Heavy Periods
  • ​Amenorrhea
  • ​Low Sex Drive
  • ​Infertility & Miscarriages
Because at the core, all symptoms in the body originate from the same place...
In order to change the fruit (aka your symptoms), you've got to get to the root of what's really driving it. 
So how did they do it?
First, Watch this video to understand why despite countless trips to the doctors office, prescription medications, blood tests, scans, supplements, alternative treatments, liver cleanses, candida cleanses, and even expensive stem cell treatments
most women still aren't feeling well (and more importantly... where to look instead).
CHI = Cleanse Your Body, Heal Your Hormones & Ignite Your Life. 
(Click on the icons below to learn more about each key component to the system)
The starting point to reverse hormone & symptom chaos
It must be your hormones, right?
So often when we women experience any kind of discomfort , we're taught "It's your hormones" - and so it's easy to see why society has created a story telling us that "hormones are bad" and to blame for why we feel the way we do. 

However, the truth is, hormones are just chemical messengers and they run thousands of different processes in the body.  

So when your hormones appear to be "acting up" - it's actually a sign of another critical system in the body that's under stress. 

You see, when we mask the symptoms we experience with synthetic hormones like Birth Control pills, Thyroid Medication, Anti-Depressants, Melatonin or any other kind of Hormone Replacement Therapy, without first looking at WHY your body might be intelligently creating these symptoms in the first place, we don't get to the root cause and reverse it for good. 
What you need to know:
The root of hormone disfunction lies in the gut, and the emotional, physical and chemical stressors which have your body locked in "fight & flight" mode.
Gina, Restaurant Owner.
"I would have terrible hormonal migraines for 20 our of 30 days of the month where I couldn't work or do anything. 
I'd have Chronic fatigue, irregular periods - the lot. 

After just a few weeks the migraines are down to 3 per month.... which is a huge difference. (Migraine sufferers... you know!)

My mood is better, my energy & focus are so much higher and i'm seeing a lot of toxic things in my LIFE go away, which has been a big transformation for me. "
Why "clean eating", celery juice and 7-day juice cleanses aren't enough to properly address chronic hormone, auto-immune, viral or toxicity issues.
I'm eating clean! Why don't I feel better?
If like most of our clients, you've tried shifting your diet but still aren't feeling well, it comes down to this:

Toxicity and Trauma. 

With well over 100,000 toxins in our water, food, medications, personal care products, beauty treatments like botox, fillers or breast implants our bodies are inundated with sources of "fake" estrogen like chemicals (known as Xenoestrogens), heavy metals and other toxins which wreck havoc on our body's finely tuned communication pathways. 

When toxins take up residence in your cells, they block your body's natural hormones from getting into the cell AND they block nutrients from getting in too. 

So a doctor might take a blood test and see "normal" levels of hormones in your blood - but the reason you don't feel well is because those hormones can't get into the cell due to toxicity. 

In order to properly pull toxins out of the cells and tissues you need to have a dual step approach - emotional support to make it safe to "let go" and powerful detox binders which can carry the toxins out (which things like celery juice, ionic foot baths & cilantro aren't strong enough for).
What you need to know:
Detoxing toxicity (heavy metals, xenoestrogens, mold, pathogens etc) and releasing emotional trauma from the cell are paramount to reversing your symptoms. 

Celery juice, cilantro, foot baths and other such methods are great for every day cleansing, but for chronic hormone, auto-immune and viral issues you need more powerful chelators.

If you don't detox the cell, you cannot fix the cell. And if you don't fix the cell, you can't get well. 
Cori, Charge Nurse.
"I had depression for at least 20yrs and had tried every anti-depressant out there. They never helped - in fact they made me worse. I'd done weight watchers, atkins, keto to try to lose weight and nothing was working.  

After 2 months with this process I got off all medications with no side effects and now, I feel NORMAL... I'm my natural happy self and lost 20lbs without counting calories or being obsessed with the scale". "
The essential key to radical transformation, not just of your symptoms...
 but your entire life. 
Your body is being bio-logical.
It's simply making sense of the information it's been receiving. So in order to heal the body, you can't just address the body

You see - you can change your diet, take incredible supplements, "do all the things" that you've been told but if your emotional frequency is dominated by thoughts of fear, worry, anger, blame, self-judgement and shame - you're effectively micro-dosing ALL DAY LONG on chemicals like cortisol and adrenaline which shut down your immune system (and hinder healing). 

So how do we change our thinking?

We start with your emotions. 

Emotions are the birth place for all the stories we tell ourselves about who we are, and what we think is possible for ourselves. 

They are the powerful feedback system that tells us what's really going on inside of us. 

Once you release the old outdated stories of who you thought you were...

You're free to start writing a new one about who you truly ARE
What you need to know:
Your emotions are the stimulus behind many of the chemical processes in the body. 

When you release the old stories, memories and traumas that have ruled your life until now, your stress response relaxes and you can remember once again, who you truly are.
Lunden, Health Coach.
"I'd been on birth control for 11 years and felt numb. I had with awful PMS, cysts on my ovaries, low energy and had oozing cystic acne which would get worse whenever I came off birth control. The doctor told me I'd have to be on Birth Control forever to control the cysts. 

Within a few weeks of doing CHI my energy was back and in less than 3 months I was off birth control, with clear skin no toxic side effects and the cysts have not grown.

I did my first triathlon, lost the bloat that'd I'd always get whenever I ate a "cheat" meal,  my muscle definition is back and I lost 7lbs of inflammation. 

These days I wake up being the person that I KNOW I was always meant to be. "
Here's how CHI Works
Initially, we work with you for 3 months where we fuse...
Customized detox protocols & 1-1 Mindset Coaching
So that everything is fully customized to your unique situation and you're working at the root cause level, instead of band-aiding symptoms.
Cutting Edge Training (Lifetime Access) 
Where you'll learn advanced strategies to reverse symptom chaos including nutrition, supplementation, detox strategies that even doctors come to us to learn. 
Advanced Functional Diagnostic Labs 
Where we'll dive into what's going on in YOUR body, looking way beyond simplistic blood tests and instead get to the root of what's driving your symptoms & how to address it.
Weekly coaching, support & accountability
With 24-7 access to the team, plus weekly deep-dive coaching calls to get YOUR questions answered, you'll move forward daily, build confidence and start seeing results FAST. 
You'll be supported by our entire team, at the same time.
With a combined 30yrs + of experience in working with the mind - body and spirit, plus each with our OWN recovery stories to share, 
we're here to support you from all angles, at the same time so that you can finally breakthrough.

You'll never have to go far if you have a question and we're on hand to guide and boulster you whenever you need it.
Just see what our clients had to say...
Bayley, Attorney
Detox'ed off Birth Control, Anti-Depressants & Anti-Anxiety Meds,
Restored health & energy from major adrenal fatigue 
Lunden, Health Coach
Cleared Up Cystic Acne, eliminated PMS and mood swings, phased off birth control with no side effects & lost 5lbs of toxic inflammation 
Marisa, Wellness Entrepreneurs
Restored sex drive and recovered from chronic colds, allergies and fatigue in a matter of weeks 
Nettie, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner
Healed herself from Heartburn, Thyroid Conditions, Hormonal Imbalances and Depression without HRT (when years of therapy didn't help)
Cori, Charge Nurse
After chronic depression for 20yrs, she got off anti-depressents, dropped 20lbs, ignited sex drive and quit her job to follow her passion!
Gina, Restaurant Owner
Eliminated hormonal migraines, balanced thyroid & adrenal hormones, got off all medications with no side-effects & lost 5lbs of inflammation.
Each of these women were exactly where you are today. 
They knew something deeper was going on, but were stuck, living life at just a fraction of their true potential
They'd all been told "you've got this diagnosis" or "your labs look fine, there's nothing wrong with you" or "it's all in your head", but they knew there must be a solution out there... 

They'd all spent thousands of dollars, and some up to 20 years struggling to find a solution which we showed them in the first 4 weeks...
They also knew that nobody else was ever going to be able to save them or heal them. Only they had the power to do that. 

And so with a proven system, they now have the exact knowledge and mindset to live in epic health now, and for life. 
If you'd like to explore working together to recover your health with the support of myself & my team...
Then apply here for a complementary phone call, to see if you’re a fit for one of our accelerated mentorship programs.
We can't wait to see you on the other side.