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Bayley, Attorney
Detox'ed off Birth Control, Anti-Depressants & Anti-Anxiety Meds,
Restored health & energy from major adrenal fatigue 
Lunden, Health Coach
Cleared Up Cystic Acne, eliminated PMS and mood swings, phased off birth control with no side effects & lost 5lbs of toxic inflammation
Marissa, Wellness Entrepreneur
Restored sex drive and recovered from chronic colds, allergies and fatigue in a matter of weeks
Nettie, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner
Healed herself from Heartburn, Thyroid Conditions, Hormonal Imbalances and Depression without HRT (when years of therapy didn't help)
Reverse chronic symptoms & become your own best healer... we'll show you how. 
Cori, Nurse
After chronic depression for 20yrs, she got off anti-depressents, dropped 20lbs, ignited sex drive and quit her job to follow her passion!
Gina, Restaurant Owner
Eliminated hormonal migraines, balanced thyroid & adrenal hormones,  got off all medications with no side-effects & lost 5lbs of inflammation.
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